sam and dean’s codependency isn’t acting it’s just jared and jensen

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just imagine how this was set up though like

Jensen: “Jared I have this great idea for my next tweet”

Jared: “okay, what?”

Jensen: “I’m going to sit alone in an alleyway and pretend I’m texting you on your day off because I miss you”

Jared: “so basically what happens every time I have a day off” 

Jensen: “no shut up it’ll be a prank because then you’ll tweet back showing it wasn’t your day off” 

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this is exactly what loathing looks like. do not question the man

I apologize in advance if I keep talking about this song but it amuses me to no end

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J2 + having fun together in Austin [x/x/x/x]

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J2 @ Originally from Clif Kostermans twitter

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maybe this year ill find a boyfriend [audience laughs in the background]

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This’ll be the day that I die.

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